What’s New in the North Carolina Collection

I’ve just added a generous number of titles to our What’s New in the North Carolina Collection page. This list is updated four times a year with our latest selections. Full citations can be found in the University Library catalog and these items are all available for use in the North Carolina Collection Reading Room. Check out the list under Pages in the right column.

Film, Fun, and Cherry Cola

I’ve never been to the Sundance Film Festival, but it sounds like fun. I imagine spending a strenuous day viewing independent films then dining well and relaxing by the fire in some cozy restaurant with a view of the snow-capped mountains and leisurely sipping a fine glass of . . . Cheerwine.

That’s right, the Sundance Catalog is now offering, among other luxury items, North Carolina’s very own cherry cola. The price is a little bit steeper than you’d find at, say, the Food Lion in Salisbury, but who knows, maybe the bottles sold in the catalog come from Robert Redford’s own private soda cellar.