Our Favorite Grandad

Although Grandfather Mountain has not achieved the iconic status that the Old Man of the Mountain had for citizens of the Granite State, we Tar Heels do have a special place in our hearts for our geological grandfather. Images of Grandfather Mountain are widely available, including on the North Carolina Collection’s postcard site, but do you know that the mountain also inspired a poem? Two, in fact. “The Legend of Grandfather Mountain” was written by Henry E. Fries and published by the Charlotte Observer Publishing House in the mid-twentieth century. A more obscure piece, “A Tribute to the Grandfather,” recently came to my attention when it appeared in manuscript form in this lovely keepsake.


2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Grandad”

  1. would like to know more about “the legend of the grandfather mountain”. when it was written; how much is it worth; etc.

  2. A Legend of the Grandfather was written by Henry E. Fries, illustrated by Elliott Daingerfield, and published by the Observer Printing House (Charlotte, NC). However, the item that we have in our collection is not dated, though internal clues suggest that it was printed sometime after 1939.

    As for a value, I can’t help you in that matter. I looked on Ebay, but I did not see any for sale. You may be able to find a book dealer near you that can assist with locating a copy and/or placing a value on the item.

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