Tobacco Road Roundball Millions

According to many of the major polls, the Tar Heels men’s basketball team is #1 in the country right now. According to an article from Forbes Magazine, the Tar Heels are also atop another poll. With an estimated value of $26 million dollars (read the article to discover how this value was determined), the Tar Heels are the most valuable college basketball team in the nation.

Our Tobacco Road neighbors, Duke and NCSU, are ranked fifth (at $22.6 million) and thirteenth (at $13.6 million), respectively. With the ACC basketball season just under way, we’ll see if these values translate into tick marks in the win column.

Vanished: New Feature on NC Postcards

Vanished screenshot

From training camps, to parks, to opera houses: Vanished North Carolina features images from North Carolina Postcards of selected historic places that no longer exist. Use the interactive map to zoom in to each historic site and see what’s there today. You can find Vanished North Carolina along with our other special features on the Browse by Subject page.