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  1. The church I attend in Washington, DC formed a reading group for lent. This group is reading _Blood Done Signed My Name_. When I emailed the author to let him know this, he responded, “I’ve heard of penance, but this beats all.” It is a powerful book, and one that has lead the group to some good–if at times painful–conversations.

  2. The website cited above by Connah is run by the Teels, the family of the men who killed Henry Marrow, which is the story at the center of Blood Done Sign My Name. It is worth a look, if only to see what contortions people are capable of when they are trying to justify murder. Most of the stuff is lies and half-truths, utter nitpicking and tortured logic that proves nothing except that the Teels are mad as hell about the book. They must have gotten used to the idea that they had gotten away with this killing, in which they shot a man from behind who was running away from them, then stomped his head in, and finally shot him in the forehead at close range when he was totally out of commission. They called it self-defense, and then they changed their plea and said it was an accident instead, which the prosecutor brilliantly mocked as a claim of “accidental self-defense.” I want to see this case reopened, as several other civil rights-era murder cases have been. Then they can subpoena the author’s interviews, including the one where the murderer claims “that n***** committed suicide, coming in my store wanting to four-letter-word my daughter-in-law.” I guess then we would see who is telling the truth.

  3. Blood done sign my name was an excellent book and it’s exciting that a movie was made in beautiful North Carolina.

  4. Blood Done Sign My Name was an excellent book, unfortunately by making it into a movie they have ruined it for me. Leaving large parts out and completely changing others!

    Nice that it was shot in your hometown though 🙂

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