1918 Mystery Button from Asheboro

In December 2007, Lew Powell of Charlotte donated 2,698 North Carolina-related pin-back buttons, badges, ribbons, cloth swatches, promotional cards, and stickers to the North Carolina Collection. These items cover a variety of topics, including politics, sports, clubs and organizations, and controversial causes. While the origin of most of the buttons in this collection is clear, a couple of the buttons are untraced to any cause or organization.

This 1918 button from Asheboro remains a puzzle. Mr. Powell purchased the button along with another from Randolph County, and suggests that one possibility is that the button advertised the Randolph County Sunday School Association. On the other hand, the flag motif suggests it might have something to do with World War I.
Any ideas?

One thought on “1918 Mystery Button from Asheboro”

  1. You should contact attorney Lowell Mckay “Mac” Whatley in Asheboro about this button. He is a local history buff and may have some information about this, or at least know where to look. Feel free to email me about his contact information if you’re interested. You can also find him in the phone book.

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