From Madison to Ocracoke

Many of you have heard the phrase, “From Murphy to Manteo,” right? Well, I’m changing it for this blog entry. The phrase this week is: “From Madison to Ocracoke.” I’m temporarily modifying it to highlight two new resources recently posted to the UNC Library’s website. The first, which was created by graduate assistant Carrie Bertling in consultation with several library and UNC School of Education staff members, is Change in the Mountains. Developed as an instructional module for the “Oral Histories of the American South” digitization project, it uses oral histories, maps, and photographs from Madison County to “discuss tradition, growth, loss, and balance” in the changing North Carolina mountains. The second, which was created by graduate student Laura Westmoreland, is a research guide for Ocracoke Island.

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  1. I just returned from a long weekend on Ocracoke, and the island is starting to come to life. A new Italian restaurant, strangely named Riley’s, has opened where the Saucy Shrimp used to be. The food was amazing. Not very “beachy” but a great change of pace.

    Howard’s Pub has scaled back its menu a bit but the food is still good and a good bargain. The Flying Melon’s seafood platter is not to be missed– especially the crab cakes.

    We rented a three bedroom pad called Pipe Dream through Ocracoke Island Realty. Despite awesome accommodations, the guest book was the highlight of the house. Some nudist used to live next door and put on shows for the renters.

    We’ll be back!

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