Where The Heel?

The North Carolina Collection is a treasure trove of interesting and fun items (as well as an excellent research library–if we do say so ourselves). As a way of sharing some of these items, we are starting a “Where The Heel?” contest. Inspired by a similar feature in a 1937 issue of The State magazine (now Our State), every so often we’ll post a blog entry asking you, our readers, if you can identify a certain town. Though The State offered their winners a $10 prize (during the Great Depression, no less!), we can only promise you glory and honor.

To get things started, can you identify this city (ca. 1930-1945)? Leave a comment, and watch for us to comment back once we have a winner.

Mystery town 7 April 2008

4 thoughts on “Where The Heel?”

  1. Congratulations, Karen! Asheville is right. This is a postcard from the Durwood Barbour Collection in the North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives. The road pictured is Patton Avenue, and the City Hall is shown in the background. Keep your eyes peeled for future “Where The Heel?” images!

    Jessica Sedgwick
    North Carolina Collection

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