Home State Of Blackbeard?

Our recent posting concerning the Bostic Lincoln Center Museum and its claim that Abraham Lincoln was born in North Carolina created quite the furor, especially among some Kentuckians who monitor this blog. Well, a new book by author Kevin Duffus may cause a similar outbreak. In The Last Days of Blackbeard the Pirate, Duffus claims that the infamous pirate was born in North Carolina, not Bristol, England.


Read more about this and other claims from the forthcoming book in this Raleigh News and Observer article.

5 thoughts on “Home State Of Blackbeard?”

  1. It seems that readers of the N&O article may have misunderstood the statement regarding the probable birthplace of the pirate known as Black Beard. The article stated that he may have been a native of “the Carolinas.” The Goose Creek community of Charleston is most likely the place where the future pirate was born around 1690. Furthermore, my research indicates that his family had emigrated from Barbados where they had probably been banished during the Covenanter Uprisings in Scotland during the mid-1600s.

  2. Kevin, thanks for pointing this out and sending the correction. The first paragraph of the N&O article stated “that Blackbeard and many of his henchmen weren’t rogue Englishmen, but sons of North Carolina landowners,” which led to the confusion.

    I can’t wait to read the book!

  3. It is most unlikey that Blackbeard’s family was banished to the Barbadoes during the Covenating Uprisings of the 1650s. Large nubers of Scots Prisoners of war were transported there as indentured servants after the Battles of Preston (1648), Dunbar (1650), and Worcester (1651), but they were not accompanied by their families.

    I heard Mr Duffus give a talk at The North Carolina Martime Museum. It was great fun, vigorously argued, well illustrated, but full or errors.

    For instance he argued that no one born in Bristol would have possible have named their ship The Queen Anne’s Revenge because the Queen was Scots. She was in fact only a quarter Scots, born forty years after her Scots grandfather, James I died. His argument that she was the last of the Stuart dynasty, named after Henry Stewart (sic), Lord Darney, which makes her Scots is about at logical as arguing that George V, who was king when Britain went into the First world war against Germany, was German because his family name was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and his grandfater was a German.

    Again Mr Duffus argued that some of Blackbeards pirates were charged with treason because they fired on the Kings Navy. While Treason could be widely interpreted, inluding attacking the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Palace, (1640) and pulling down brothels (1688) it did not include firing at the kings soldiers or sailors. Indeed until the 1820s the military were the main police force in England and I have found not a single instance of ,say smugglers ,who fired on them being charged with treason.

    Mr Duffus has written a fun book, but the best verdict for which he can hope is the Scots one of “Non-proven.”

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