Part of my job with the North Carolina Postcards project is to describe the postcards, including the messages written on them. Today I came across this Durham postcard, and you’ll notice that the message is written in German. Suffering a severe unfamiliarity with the language, I am having trouble transcribing it, and am wondering if any of you folks out there can help!

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While a translation would be quite interesting, what we need most is an actual transcription of the message in German.

Any help?

2 thoughts on “Hilfe!”

  1. Hi,

    I just came across your postcard problem, and as I am German, I will try to transcribe and to translate this postcard for you. It reads:

    Meine liebe Elisabeth, m. l. Kinder (meaning: meine lieben Kinder),

    Wollte ja eigentlich heute schon wegfahren, aber ich muß es noch auf 2 Tage rausziehen, da mein Einarbeiter noch nicht hier eingetroffen ist. Darum seid für recht herzlich gegrüßt und geküßt von eurem Erwin & Vater. Schreibe noch einmal bevor ich hier wegfahre.

    This means:

    My dear Elisabeth, my dear children,

    Originally, I intended to leave today, but I have to stay for 2 more days, because my foreman (:= somebody, who had to introduce him into his new job) has not yet arrived. Therefore I send my hearty greetings and kisses to you. Yours Erwin & Dad. I will write once again befor I will leave from here.

    The postcard was sent to Elisabeth Matthäi, Chemnitz i. Sa (the city of Chemnitz in Saxionia), Alexanderstr. 18 I, Germany

    Good luck with your project!


  2. Wow! Thanks Astrid! You can see your contribution here on the NC Postcards site (under the “Transcription” field).

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