Where The Heel?, Part III

It’s been too long since our last edition of “Where The Heel?,” so I picked (what I believe to be) a tough one.

Can you identify this building? Can you tell me where in North Carolina it is? (By the way, it is still standing.) If you have a guess, leave it in the comments for this post. We’ll let you know if you are correct!

3 thoughts on “Where The Heel?, Part III”

  1. This building was built by my grandfather, Zachary Talor (Z.T.) Kivett in 1903 (give or take a few yrs. I wasn’t born yet.) I was named after one of his twin boys that helped to construct it. He drew the plans, made the brick in a kiln he made, and sawed the lumber by a mill that he found floating down Cape Fear. They said he was a genius. Much has been written about him and this building in the last few years. My dad was one of his sons. I am very proud of my heritage, although I can’t lay any claim to it.

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