Horse Racing In The Carolinas

Once again engaged in one of my favorite pastimes — browsing back and forth between the Encyclopedia of North Carolina and the South Carolina Encyclopedia — I was pleased to find that in both of the Carolinas the Sport of Kings was, at least in the antebellum period, the king of sports. A love of fast horses brought us together. From the very beginning of the colonial era, Carolinians talked horses, raced horses, and bet on horses. As early as 1734, horses raced on Charleston Neck for a prize of a saddle and bridle. In our collection there is a copy of a map of Hillsborough, North Carolina, drawn in 1768, which shows a racetrack in addition to the handful of houses and public buildings. Horse racing went into a decline after the Civil War, but has made something of a comeback in recent times in both Carolinas.

3 thoughts on “Horse Racing In The Carolinas”

  1. And yet “those people” in “that state” have the audacity to name their horse-racing event “The Carolina Cup”.

  2. A noble predecessor to the present Carolinas’ sport of kings… of course, I’m referring to stock car racing.

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