Wonderland Trail and Mayview Park

A few weeks ago I added a blog entry about Wonderland, North Carolina. Well, there are Wonderlands popping up all over the place now. The cover of In Cloudland, Mayview Park, Blowing Rock, North Carolina (a promotional item for W. L. Alexander’s Mayview Park development, near Blowing Rock) recently caught my attention.In Cloudland
When I flipped through the pamphlet, I noticed that there were several images of “Wonderland Trail,” one of which I’ve included below (notice the cut-and-fill method of road construction).
Wonderland Trail
The pamphlet is full of wonderful mountain scenes, information on the Mayview Park resort and development, details on local attractions, and recommended travel routes.

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  1. How happy I was to find the above! I bought a home in Mayview Park, BR, two years ago and am part of a group of residents (many of whom are second and third — perhaps even fourth and/or fifth generation homeowners) who are interested in forming a Mayview Park Homeowner’s Association for the continued beautification of Mayview Park.

    Yesterday, one of our committee members brought a copy; albeit not the very best copy, of IN CLOUDLAND to our meeting and we were all thrilled to see it and, of course, we all wanted a good copy. Can you tell us where we might locate one and/or the original would be terrific!

    Thank you for any assistance you might be able to give us.

    Alice Roess

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