Oh, You “Creepers” And Your Hickory Postcards!

While browsing the North Carolina postcards this Sunday afternoon, I was struck by a rather humorous message to a Miss Daisy of Lattimore, NC, that relates to the vernacular of today’s language. Have you ever heard of anyone described as a “creeper”? Apparently, lots of people (males, mostly) fit the description: awkward passerbys, stalkers at Alpine Bagel, hunchbacks of Notre Dame, Drouets from Sister Carrie, etc. The list is endless and, well, Chapel Hill is a rich contributor of these seedy figures (ever visit a certain corner in Davis Library?)

In this particular postcard featuring Main Street of Hickory, NC, we gain scope into the psyche of…of… well, we don’t know his name (the point!). The message reads:

“Hello, Miss Daisy, How are you getting along these days? Suppose you will be puzzled to know who this is from, Wont you? Try and guess who.”

Does Miss Daisy ever guess the name of her addresser? Was this merely flirtatious- October-of-1906-romance in action? Or, rather, the vicious intent of a “creeper” extraordinaire?! We’ll never know, I suppose, but the view of Main Street in Hickory is rather nice!