Thanksgiving In North Carolina, 1777

This time of year just begs for a Thanksgiving-oriented post. As I was racking my brain trying to come up with a suitable one, I remembered something that had caught my eye several years ago. It is a “Proclamation by Richard Caswell concerning a day of thanksgiving.” Caswell was the first governor of the newly independent state of North Carolina, and in his proclamation he declared that November 28, 1777, would be a day of “General and Solemn Thanksgiving.” For what were we giving thanks? It was for General Horatio Gates and his army’s surprising victory over British forces at Saratoga, New York.

You can read the entire proclamation here: Proclamation by Richard Caswell concerning a day of thanksgiving [as printed in the North-Carolina Gazette].

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  1. And another Thanksgiving important to North Carolina history: On Thanksgiving Day in 1937, Grady Allred began working in the Carolinian Cafe in Winston-Salem. It would be six months before he could make enough profit to give himself a paycheck–but his perseverance paid off. The Carolinian Cafe became K&W Cafeteria.

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