Frustrated by the exponentially growing amount of Blue Ray Discs on the shelves this past holiday season? Having flashbacks of the depressing death of the VHS tape and the emergence of the DVD? Scared your 2002 Honda Civic just doesn’t make the cut compared to your neighbor’s shiny Hybrid-/Electric-/Hydrogen-/food scrap-powered car?!

Then, this postcard is for you!

What appears to be an ordinary street scene in Concord, North Carolina (ca. 1911) is actually a fascinating real photo view of many things at “work.” If you look at the center of this postcard, you can see three modes of transportation: two men driving an automobile, a trolley car going down a rail, and a horse-drawn cart. This everyday scene is actually a fascinating signifier of the early twentieth century’s rapid developments in the area of transportation technology—and, like today, the difficulty for people to keep up with the times!

Try looking for the fourth form of transportation (hint: nearby the trees…and no, Concord is not near Kitty Hawk!)

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