Where the Heel?, Part IX

Welcome to our second slogan-based installment of “Where the Heel?” Remember, we’re looking for the North Carolina location that is described by a specific slogan. If you have a guess about the location that fills in the blank below, leave it as a comment. Ready, set, go!

8 thoughts on “Where the Heel?, Part IX”

  1. Kevin…good guess, but that is incorrect! Since no one else has responded, I’ll give a two hints:

    1. It is for a county.
    2. It isn’t Asheville (or Buncombe), but Kevin is guessing in the correct part of the state.

  2. Well, it looks like I stumped you this time!
    The answer is Burke County with the full phrase being, “The Land of Burke is really real.” This slogan appears on a 1960s brochure from the Burke County Chamber of Commerce that uses a wonderfully conversational tone to convince people to come visit. It includes an alternate slogan–“The Land of Burke has the long view”–as well as number of great statements like “Here in the Land of Burke people can live like people” and “So, you’re invited to come to the Land of Burke. But not too many of you at once, you understand.”
    Better luck on our next “Where the Heel?”!

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