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Eileen McGrath’s call for political ephemera from the 2008 election was very successful. Many of you sent in many wonderful items (a few of which we shared on the blog: Dole, Perdue, and Education).

I’d like to try this for a different type of item: restaurant menus.

Some of you may remember a few blog entries I did a while back that featured North Carolina restaurant menus from the 1960s: Thanksgiving, BBQ, and Chuck Wagon.

These menus were collected by one of our former curators and provide a wonderful snap shot of life in the 1960s…what kind of restaurants were around? what type of food was available? how were things advertised? how much did a meal cost? Again, a very interesting look at life in the 1960s.

I’d like to do the same thing for 2009. Please send us restaurant menus for eating establishments you visit. We’ll certainly appreciate and cherish menus from the local eateries, but feel free to send chain restaurant menus as well. Anywhere that you go try to get a menu that you can send along to us! Several staff members and I have already been collecting them, but we’re obviously not covering the entire state. We need your help! BBQ, Chinese, Mexican, fast food, pizza…it doesn’t matter…just send them along.

Our address is:

North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library
CB 3930
UNC-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-8890

Thanks in advance!

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