Where the Heel?, Part XIII

Just in time to add some excitement to your weekend, here’s the newest edition of “Where the Heel?” I saw this brochure in the ephemera collection and thought that the heart and the industrial city skyline were a great combination that I should share. As usual, I’ve left blanks where the name of the locality was originally printed. Do you know which North Carolina community was labeled as both “The Heart of the Piedmont” and “The City of Progress”? Good guessing and happy Friday!

13 thoughts on “Where the Heel?, Part XIII”

  1. Then I must leave the field, bloodied but unbowed. Kevin Cherry must be dozing at his desk … I mean hard at work AWAY from his desk, or the contest wouldn’t have gone on this long.

  2. There is a rusty sign on Highway 70(?) just outside of Statesville as you approach it from Salisbury, and it clearly calls Statesville the “City of Progress.” Could we have two towns claiming to be the site of “progress” in this state?

  3. Oops! Just read the answer and the post today – very late (and not snoozing)! Well, during the two years I lived in Kernersville, it called itself “heart of the triad.”

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