University of National Champions

My shoelaces are singed; I’ve got melted plastic and Carolina Blue paint on the sides of my shoes; I have a mysterious burn mark on my knee; and I’m still a little sleepy from last Monday night. So…I’m sorry it took this long to post something about UNC’s 5th NCAA men’s basketball national championship. I don’t have any great images from the celebration (my camera phone takes really bad pictures), but you can see a time lapse movie of the celebration on the Daily Tar Heel website.

You may also want to see McGuire’s Miracle, a digital portfolio of the 1956-1957 national championship (and undefeated) team. The image above, which was taken by Roland Giduz, is from the site, and I have to say it looks similar to what I saw on April 6.

One thought on “University of National Champions”

  1. I really enjoyed this post, Jason. It’s always fun to celebrate big-time Tar Heel wins. The picture from 1957, taken by Roland Giduz, is magnificent, and according to the “Carolina Alumni Review” there are 18,869 more Roland Giduz images in the North Carolina Collection at Wilson Library.

    As I’m sure you know, we lost Roland on January 23rd of this year. He was truly a UNC and Chapel Hill treasure.

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