Where the Heel?, part XVII

For this edition of “Where the Heel?”, I have once again used the magic of Photoshop to digitally erase the name of the location from an image of an artifact. If you click on the image below you can see a larger version of the image. This time the place in question was “Renowned the World Around” in 1914. I’m pretty sure the globe on the pin won’t be of any help, but if you think you know the North Carolina locality, leave your guess as a comment. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Where the Heel?, part XVII”

  1. Congrats, Victor! The town “Renowned the World Around” was Durham. The slogan was suggested and selected through a contest held by the Commercial Club, a local Chamber of Commerce-like organization, in 1913. I’ll add the unadulterated image to the original post, so you can see what the pin really looks like.

  2. Neat Durham blog.

    And then there’s my hometown near the Virginia line, once known as “Happy, Healthy. Hustling ….”

  3. Good job finding info about the sign, Kevin, but you ruined my surprise! 🙂

    I found all kinds of great images of the sign–both in our collection and elsewhere–as well as some information about it. So, tomorrow’s post will be all about the renowned “Renowned” sign!

  4. We forgot to include some additional information on the pin, which comes from the Lew Powell Memorabilia Collection. According to Mr. Powell, at one point “the badge supported a ribbon, perhaps for a convention of the Patriotic Order of the Sons of America.”

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