Another North Carolina First

We all know that North Carolina claims a lot of “firsts.” In fact, we blogged about it last year, “First In Digital?“. I have to admit that I found one recently that I did not know. Instead of telling you what it is, however, I’ll turn it into a trivia question. This “first” involves the soldier pictured below; can you tell me what it is?

By the way, I haven’t verified the claim. Maybe one of our readers knows more?

2 thoughts on “Another North Carolina First”

  1. That is correct. The image comes from Sergeant Hallyburton, The First American Soldier Captured in the World War (CpB H193h), which the NC Collection has. Hallyburton was born in Iredell County.

    The text was digitized by Documenting the American South and you can read it here.

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