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One thing that you have probably guessed by now is that NC Miscellany is headquartered in the North Carolina Collection, which is at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Our job is to collect things about????… guessed it, North Carolina. We do that, and I think we do it well. We collect a lot of material on the state’s institutions of higher learning. Since we are on UNC’s campus and a department of the University Library, we have tons and tons of material related to UNC. However, we also have lots of “stuff” (that’s a very technical term, isn’t it?) on colleges and universities in North Carolina. I can think of no better way to illustrate this than to show a few examples of material we have on d-d-d-d, do-do-do…oh well, my Tar Heel bias won’t even let me say or type the word. Let’s just call it that school in Durham that used to be known as Trinity College. The images below are from our [That school down 15-501 from the Southern Part of Heaven] ephemera collection: [Announcements, bulletins, programs, etc.]

Invitation to the Commencement Exercises for the Class of 1891, Trinity College

Football program from the Duke vs. UNC game, November 21, 1931

Football program from the Duke vs. Oregon State Rose Bowl game, January 1, 1942

8 thoughts on “Those Other Schools”

  1. Archie, you got it. UNC’s record that year was 4-3-3. Three ties?!?! They beat Wake Forest, State, Davidson, and Virginia; lost to Vanderbilt, Georgia, and Tennessee; and tied Florida, Georgia Tech, and Dook.

  2. Just curious: It caught my eye on Jessica’s Trinity College postcard that the recipient was Maud Efland in Efland. My trusty North Carolina Gazetteer offers only that Efland is “a community in w Orange County. Alt. 658.” Might the new keeper of the Gazetteer flame have something more to share in its latest edition?

  3. Maude Efland was my great aunt. It is her brother Mack Efland’s home and land that is for sale in Efland, NC.

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