Mack’s Super Truck Station … “It is one of the Better stops.”

This advertisement postcard for a truck stop outside of Weldon, NC bills itself as one of the better truck stops, with clean restrooms and good food at reasonable prices.

They also proudly proclaim:
“We do not serve beer or wine – and we do not have a jukebox.”

Recession Proof Plan: Buy The Howie Gold Mine

As I was shelving in the stacks a few days ago, I noticed the broadside below. Then, it hit me! To avoid the pitfalls, trials, and tribulations of our current recession, I’ll just buy a gold mine. I wonder…is this one still on the market?

If I decide to follow through with this plan, I should probably check out the resources that we have on the Howie Mine:

Plans of levels of Howie Mine, Union County, North Carolina [cartographic material]

Geologic map of the surface workings and section of Howie Mine, Union County, North Carolina [cartographic material].

The Howie Mining Company : incorporated.

The item above has some very interesting images, which I’ll share below. Click on the images to see a larger version.