Schooner Day, Southern Pines

A real photo postcard, taken by E.C. Eddy, shows a Schooner Day parade in Southern Pines, but none of us here in the NCC are familiar with the celebration.

There’s a reference to Schooner Day in Stephen Masengill’s book, Around Southern Pines.  It says that it was an annual event where participants rode in a parade of wagons throughout the town.  Does anyone know anything else about Schooner Day?  What time of year did it take place?

I found a hint about Schooner wagons on another postcard.  The caption of this postcard reads, “These come from many miles back in the country, dispensing the products of North Carolina sunshine (and occasionally Moonshine) to Southern Pines winter residents.”  The message on the back of the card mentions that the writer purchases their eggs and chickens from one of the men in the image.  Perhaps Schooner Day was in celebration of these mobile markets.