“Four from between the Wars” Exhibit at Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Take a look at the video about Wilson Library’s new exhibit:

“Four from between the Wars”

You can come see the exhibit in person until September 30.

The exhibit is in conjunction with the North Carolina Literary Festival, which runs from September 10 to September 13. We hope to see you there!

81st Infantry Division

I had an interesting experience while researching the 81st Infantry Division last week. The unit, which was formed during World War I, was made up of recruits from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. Training was held at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, near Wildcat Creek. During training, it was decided that patches could make it easier for the soldiers to identify one another in battle. So the patches were made; naturally, the wildcat was the emblem used. The 81st infantry division’s patches were deemed such a success that the Army implemented them for all units.

If that wasn’t interesting enough, I stumbled across this nugget of information the very same day: former North Carolina Governor William B. Umstead was a member of the 81st Infantry Division–the very same Wildcats! I rarely remember details when it comes to military ranks and divisions, so I was quite surprised (and pleased) to put together those two pieces of information. Serendipitous, you might say.