Weep No More, My Lady

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a syndicated column called  “My Day,” and they are brief, diary-like entries that contain her observations and experiences.  This column twice featured her opinions of the South.  On February 4, 1950, she commented broadly on the “signs of poverty and unhappiness” that occur in the South.  And she specifically references a trip to UNC Chapel Hill and a visit to Danziger’s coffee shop in her column dated February 6, 1950.  (Clicking on the links will bring you to George Washington University’s digital collection of Eleanor Roosevelt’s “My Day” columns.)

Her words were not taken lightly:  We’ve got a pamphlet by W.E. Debnam titled, “Weep No More, My Lady:  Southerner Answers Mrs. Roosevelt’s Report on the ‘Poor and Unhappy South.”   These responses were originally broadcast on the radio on February 8th and 9th, 1950 before being printed.

Jason Tomberlin’s recent post on Eleanor Roosevelt’s visit to Danziger’s featured a photo from her February, 1950 visit.  I’m reposting the photo here.