Kids’ Corner at the NCC

The NCC collects a variety of material geared towards children, including ephemera, like the coloring book below, and a wide array of children’s literature.


North Carolina Coloring Book.

Illustrated by Vernessa Riley Foelix.  Raleigh, NC:  North Carolina Travel and Tourism Division, Department of Commerce, 1989. My favorite page from the coloring book is the one shown above, showing a scene of Blackbeard looting.


And in order to get a sense of the children’s literature we collect, you can view the catalog listings for “North Carolina — Juvenile fiction” at this link.

3 thoughts on “Kids’ Corner at the NCC”

  1. Thanks for posting this! David and I will be making our own contribution to the catalog of children’s literature about North Carolina when our own book, “When the Parkway Came” comes out in early 2010!

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