North Carolina Fall Festivals


The next “Staff Picks” at the NC Collection will feature our favorite fall festivals in North Carolina. My pick is illustrated below with a program from the 1983 Lincoln County Apple Festival. As a kid, I loved attending this event. What eight-year-old boy wouldn’t like an apple box derby (though I never got to race in one), an apple peeling contest, or all of the high-fat, high-sugar fair food?

What are some of your favorite fall festivals? Share them (and any memories you have of the events) with us in our comment section below.

PS. The 1983 Apple Queen (pictured above) was Robin Bettina Kiser. Are you out there Robin?

One thought on “North Carolina Fall Festivals”

  1. Having grown up attending the Lincoln County Apple Festival, I have to admit that my favorite part of the event was Denver United Methodist Church’s apple dumplings . . . If you look inside this particular Apple festival brochure, you will find a picture of my sister who was competing for the much coveted crown!

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