Tough times for tower that tobacco built

“Happy Anniversary, Dad.”

–Officials of the Empire State Building, sending a 50th anniversary card (in 1979) to Winston-Salem’s Reynolds Building, on which it was modeled.

The 22-story art deco landmark, vacated earlier this year, has just been put on the market by Reynolds American. It’s my favorite building in North Carolina — what’s yours?

4 thoughts on “Tough times for tower that tobacco built”

  1. My favorite North Carolina building is the S & W Cafeteria in Asheville, designed by Douglas Ellington. The mountain setting would seem to call for a more rustic style, like the Grove Park Inn, but the Art Deco buildings downtown just seem to work. There’s a great page on Ellington on the excellent North Carolina Architects & Builders site.

  2. I have several favorite buildings in North Carolina. One is the arbor at Rocks Springs Campground in Denver, NC. Another is the Shell Station shaped like a shell in Winston-Salem.

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