Haywood County, Sunburst, Gathering Wood


From a print in the North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives (P1-44-S95-H76; 84-55). Caption on back of index image reads: “Children gathering wood at Sunburst, NC about 1910.”

5 thoughts on “Haywood County, Sunburst, Gathering Wood”

  1. My great grandfather Tom Queen was a lumberman at Sunburst. His wife, Annie Jones Queen Bradley, ran the store or cooked there from what I have been able to find out. Tom was killed in a train wreck Sep 22, 1925. My grandmother was only 15 when he died. Would love to find old pictures of that area. I have found a few but know there are more out there.

  2. My dad worked in the logging camps when he was a young man. My oldest brother was born there prematurely. My mom would tell that he was so small she kept him in a shoe box close to the fireplace to stay warm. According to my parents it was a rough life but Sunburst always kept a place in their hearts.

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