100 Years of UNC Basketball

UNC-Chapel Hill celebrates 100 years of basketball this year. I found this photo in the 1911 Yackety Yack, the student yearbook, showing the first varsity “Basket Ball Squad.”


There wasn’t anything else about them in the yearbook – no comments, no scores, not even a list of their names. UNC was still very much a football school at the time.

The team has worn throwback uniforms a couple of times this season. I hope, before the year is over, they bring back the sashes.

Charlie Daniels went up to Washington


On this day in 1977: Wilmington-born Charlie Daniels joins the more traditional Guy Lombardo at Jimmy Carter’s inaugural ball.

Two years later the Charlie Daniels Band will hit No. 1 on both country and rock charts with the fiddle tour de force “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

Pictured: A CDB crew member’s security tag from the Lew Powell Memorabilia Collection (CK.1287.3099).

And this just in… According to his Web site, the 73-year-old Daniels suffered “a mild stroke” Friday while snowmobiling in Colorado and was released from a Denver hospital Sunday. No plans to cancel his next tour, which begins Feb. 27.