North Carolina’s “Mount Rushmore”

For the past year or so, NC Collection staff members have been participating in a “staff picks” display. We come up with a topic or theme, and then we pick items from the NC Collection that fit. For example, we’ve had displays of our favorite fall festivals, summer-related books, and “what’s the connection to the collection.” You can see some of the past displays on the NC Collection’s fan page on Facebook.

Our current display is “Our Favorite North Carolinians.” It’s a very interesting display of native-born North Carolinians, and one of our staff members suggested that we share it on NCM. I then mentioned the idea to NCM contributor Lew Powell, and he suggested calling it “North Carolina’s ‘Mount Rushmore.'”

Here’s the list (in no particular order):

Terry Sanford
Gaston Means
Charlie Daniels
The Avett Brothers
William Powell
Carl Kasell
Roy Williams
Anna Julia Cooper
Ronnie Milsap
Doc Watson
Daniel L. Russell
André Leon Talley
Nina Simone

So, in the very interesting interconnected world in which we now live, we are opening this display (“virtually” opening it up) to our readers. Who are your favorite North Carolinians? If you’ve got one, share them as a comment.

PS. Just in case you are wondering….I’ve been in North Carolina since I was 4 (except for one sad year as a 12 year old in that state to the South), but I was born in Tennessee. So, you can’t add me as your favorite!

Barber Printing & Stationery Co., Winston-Salem, NC


Several postcards and a few pamphlets/books here in the NCC were printed by the Barber Printing & Stationery Co. in Winston-Salem, NC.  I’m not sure exactly when it was founded, but it appears in the 1910 city directory for Winston-Salem.

I wasn’t able to find out much about their business other than they were a printer and a purveyor of office supplies.  Their office was located at 209 W. 3rd Street, and appears in the postcards above and below.