Nordel Hill, Raleigh, NC


This real photo postcard from ca. 1904-1918 shows Nordel Hill, the log home owned by Dr. Elizabeth “Delia” Dixon-Carroll and her husband, Dr. Norwood G. Carroll.   ‘Nordel’ was a portmanteau of the couple’s first names, Delia and Norwood.

Nordel Hill was located in the Bloomsbury section of Raleigh, both Dr. Dixon-Carroll and her husband worked in Raleigh.  Dr. Dixon-Carroll was the first physician at Meredith College and the first practicing female medical praticioner in Raleigh, and her husband was a dentist.

Elizabeth’s older brother Thomas Dixon, Jr. wrote The Clansman in 1905, which was adapted into the movie The Birth of a Nation in 1915.

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  1. I love photos. In so many ways but old photos are like jems. Rare and far between that makes you wonder at the history and story told in them… the moments that happened before and after. Thank you so much for sharing this jem 😀

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