Nordel Hill, Raleigh, NC


This real photo postcard from ca. 1904-1918 shows Nordel Hill, the log home owned by Dr. Elizabeth “Delia” Dixon-Carroll and her husband, Dr. Norwood G. Carroll.   ‘Nordel’ was a portmanteau of the couple’s first names, Delia and Norwood.

Nordel Hill was located in the Bloomsbury section of Raleigh, both Dr. Dixon-Carroll and her husband worked in Raleigh.  Dr. Dixon-Carroll was the first physician at Meredith College and the first practicing female medical praticioner in Raleigh, and her husband was a dentist.

Elizabeth’s older brother Thomas Dixon, Jr. wrote The Clansman in 1905, which was adapted into the movie The Birth of a Nation in 1915.

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