Hands Off My Book!

One of our catalogers recently pointed out the following…and of course, we felt like sharing—unlike Mr. Hillman!


Here’s my translation of the handwriting from the flyleaf (but please correct me if you think I am wrong!):

Saml. Hillman

Sandy Harris — Book

This is the property of Saml. Hillman and not Sandy Harris as he states — Why will men choose to claim that which does not belong to them

The “argument” over this book can be found in copy 5 of the following item:

A collection of the statutes of the Parliament of England in force in the state of North-Carolina / published according to a resolve of the General assembly by Francois-Xavier Martin … Newbern : From the Editor’s Press, 1792. VC345.2 1792

Interestingly enough, there is a list of subscribers to this publication at the end of the book–and neither Mr. Harris nor Mr. Hillman is listed.

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