Teaching North Carolina History


Although I’m not lucky enough to have been born in North Carolina, I did spend my entire childhood (except for one lousy year in South Carolina) in the Tar Heel State. I have fond memories of taking North Carolina history in 4th and 8th grades, so I love looking at the shelves that contain our North Carolina history textbooks. I remember using the textbook pictured above in 8th grade.

Does anyone else have fond memories of these classes? Did anyone else have to memorize all 100 counties like I did? How about other projects for these classes? I still have my North Carolina scrapbook that I constructed in 4th grade—full of brochures from rest areas, place mats from Western Sizzlin’ restaurants (which had a map of the state on it), and my very own renditions of cardinals, dogwood blooms, and longleaf pines.