New Towns Uploaded to NC Postcards


During the month of March, we uploaded a couple of new towns to NC Postcards.  The card above shows a busy street corner in Enka.  Be sure to check them out!

  • Enka, Buncombe County
  • Polkville, Cleveland County
  • The card below is a real photo view of the Tapoco power dam in Graham County.  The card bears the title “Tapoca,” and I almost mis-identified it as a new town.  The NC Gazetteer notes that the town of Tapoco’s name is derived from the Tallahassee Power Company, and it was established in ca. 1930.


    3 thoughts on “New Towns Uploaded to NC Postcards”

    1. No wonder it’s a busy corner — drugstore, bus depot and drive-in all in one! I see the white-clad carhop — is that a menu sign on the right? Or a bus schedule?

    2. Hi Lew,
      I just pulled out the Enka postcard, and even with a magnifying glass, I can’t read what the sign at the right says. Maybe it gives information on all of Elton’s services – restaurant menu, bus schedule, and movie listings. Dinner and a show, anyone?

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