Easter Monday In North Carolina

For some it is the pinnacle of the church calendar…for others it is a chance for an early beach trip. For children it may be all about the candy, but for our state legislators in the early 20th century, it may have been about the baseball game. For over fifty years (1935-1987), the Monday after Easter–rather than the Friday before in most states–was the legal holiday in North Carolina. According to tradition, this was to give more fans an opportunity to attend the NCSU vs. Wake Forest baseball game, which was traditionally played on the Monday after Easter.

A longtime reader of the NCM blog suggested that today would be a perfect day to recreate the tradition….it’s in the mid-80s in Raleigh, the sun is shining, but, alas, there is no game scheduled!

North Carolina Books, Which Ought To Be In The Library Of Every North Carolinian


The advertisement above claims that these books should be in the library of every North Carolinian. Well, I can imagine that the vast majority of our state’s fine citizens do not have these titles in their personal library (I know I don’t), but I can assure you that the North Carolina Collection does. I’m including links to the online catalog description of the items below. In fact, the top three items have been digitized by the Internet Archive, so if you have a computer and an internet connection in your residence, maybe you do have some of the titles in your personal library.

A defence of the Revolutionary history of the state of North Carolina : from the aspersions of Mr. Jefferson

Historical sketches of North Carolina : from 1584 to 1851, compiled from original records, official documents and traditional statements : with biographical sketches of her distinguished statesmen, jurists, lawyers, soldiers, divines, etc.

History of North Carolina : with maps and illustrations

Proceedings and debates of the Convention of North Carolina : called to amend the constitution of the state, which assembled at Raleigh, June 4, 1835, to which are subjoined the convention act and the amendments to the constitution.

A new and complete North Carolina form-book : containing forms of all those legal instruments which the people have occasion to use ; and furnishing, also, a guide to justices of the peace, sheriffs, clerks, constables, coroners, school-committees, &c. : compiled from the best sources, being an improvement on all works of the kind formerly in use, and intended as a companion to Cantwell’s N.C. Justice : to which are added the Constitution of North Carolina and of the United States, an account of the principal officers of the state, and of the counties, titles of address, &c., &c.