Easter Monday In North Carolina

For some it is the pinnacle of the church calendar…for others it is a chance for an early beach trip. For children it may be all about the candy, but for our state legislators in the early 20th century, it may have been about the baseball game. For over fifty years (1935-1987), the Monday after Easter–rather than the Friday before in most states–was the legal holiday in North Carolina. According to tradition, this was to give more fans an opportunity to attend the NCSU vs. Wake Forest baseball game, which was traditionally played on the Monday after Easter.

A longtime reader of the NCM blog suggested that today would be a perfect day to recreate the tradition….it’s in the mid-80s in Raleigh, the sun is shining, but, alas, there is no game scheduled!

2 thoughts on “Easter Monday In North Carolina”

  1. You can blame the state’s banks, Jason. Legislators switched the holiday from Easter Monday to Good Friday to accommodate the banks, which complained about being out of step with the rest of the nation.

  2. Perhaps, we could get the banks to support a switch to another Easter-related sporting event in North Carolina, bare-knuckle brawling. Winner takes the chocolate! From this morning’s Salisbury Post

    http://www.salisburypost.com/News/040610-cops-Easter-basket-brawl-at-Walmart :

    Brawl Erupts Over Easter Candy

    Police aren’t sure whether Walmart’s prices were so good or if there was shortage of chocolate rabbits.

    Whatever the reason, seven women ended up in a brawl in the Easter basket aisle Saturday evening.

    Candy eggs, rabbits and Peeps flew through the air in an unlikely Easter exchange.

    Property damage, primarily to candy and Easter decorations, totalled nearly $800.

    Salisbury Police responded to the Walmart at 323 Arlington St. around 7 p.m. Saturday.

    The five officers separated the women into two groups — with each claiming the other group started the fight.

    Unable to figure out who initiated the brawl, officers decided to charge all of those involved in the incident with public affray.

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