Dylan Thomas gave a reading to remember

On this day in 1953: Fred Chappell, a junior at Canton High School, hitchhikes 250 miles to Duke University to hear his hero, Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

Chappell will soon enroll at Duke and study under writing professor William Blackburn, whose students over the years also include Reynolds Price, William Styron, Josephine Humphreys and Anne Tyler.

Later, as a professor at UNC-Greensboro and the state’s poet laureate, Chappell recalls Thomas’ reading: “They poured him on stage over at Page Auditorium. And you thought, ‘Oh geez. This is not going to happen.’ And he gave a magnificent reading. An impossible reading. And then they poured him off stage.”

3 thoughts on “Dylan Thomas gave a reading to remember”

  1. I was a student at Duke at the time of Dylan Thomas’s reading and was enrolled in a poetry class with Professor Helen Bevington.
    Before his visit she told of an earlier reading of his which she had attended and said, “He was an hour late and reeled up the aisle to the stage, but he read like an angel. I believe you could forgive an inebriated angel.

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