The Queen City Of Manliness

A former student employee of the NC Collection (and occasional NCM blogger) emailed us about this one:

Charlotte named “America’s Manliest City”

Really? I’ve been to Charlotte many times and never really felt any manlier than I already do…though maybe it doesn’t rub off on you if you are just spending a few nights in town.

What do our readers think? Is Charlotte the “manliest city” in America?

5 thoughts on “The Queen City Of Manliness”

  1. Apparently Charlotte was #2 in 2009, so it has become even *more* relatively manly in the past year. When the “manliness” rankings were annouced in the paper Minneapolis/St. Paul (Minneapolis was pretty far down at #27), Charlotte’s victory was attributed to “overabundance of NASCAR and drag racing tracks, NHRA events, bowling, fishing, steak houses, hardware stores and sports bars.” (according the City Pages here in the Twin Cities)

    Personally, I think the manliness rating must have something to do with Charlotte being rumored to have the highest per-capita ketchup consumption of any city in the world!

  2. Excuse my immodesty, Jenny, but first (1980 or so?) Charlotte was named tops in Spam consumption.
    In 1988 Heinz ranked us No. 1 in catsup.
    In 1991 Van Camp gave us the title of “Beanee Weenee Capital of the World,” and we retired the trophy for basse cuisine.

  3. And there is nothing better than a supper of Beanee Weenees and fried Spam doused in ketchup, followed by DeLuxe (pronounced Dee-lucks) ice cream!

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