‘North Caclalacka/Cackalacky/Click/Clicky…’

“North Cack n. (Southern sl.) new school

“1. North Carolina. (var. North Caclalacka/Cackalacky/Click/Clicky, N. Cee)

“ex: ‘I’m about to make this run to North Cack.’ ”

—  From “Street Talk: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage” by Randy Kearse (2006)

According to a feature in Saturday’s New York Times, “Mr. Kearse, 45, went from hustling crack cocaine as head of a multistate crew [based in North Carolina], to federal prison, to author and…  subway sales impresario.”

In 2005 the Miscellany came up empty in pursuit of the etymology of “Cackalacky” — might it be rooted in urban (i.e., black) slang?

3 thoughts on “‘North Caclalacka/Cackalacky/Click/Clicky…’”

  1. I just did a search in Google books on the term “cackalacky.” It appears in a compilation of plays published (?) by the New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theatre in 1972, and appears as a form of African American slang. Unfortunately, the characters (Angel 1, Angel 2, Sadie, and a citizen) are talking about South Cackalacky. The term appears at least back that far, anyway.

  2. Thanks Alvis…. This note from the hot sauce site

    Did you know that the Cackalacky Theme Song is registered with the United States Library of Congress? It’s true!

    adds to the puzzlement (mine, anyway)….

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