Midweek link dump: Semper Luh-JERN?

— NPR discovers the struggle over how to pronounce Lejeune.

— Cache of Outer Banks photos, circa 1900, includes rare shot of Kitty Hawk weather bureau.

— Downtown Wilmington landmark is on the move.

— Score one for preservation: New role planned for outmoded but still handsome  Yadkin River bridge, opened in 1924.

— Should a 150-year-old Stokes County country store be allowed to continue its sandwich-making without complying with health department rules? (And if North Carolina had a state cheese, would it be pimiento?)

4 thoughts on “Midweek link dump: Semper Luh-JERN?”

  1. Lew Powell, you are a genius! Why have I never thought of making pimento cheese the state cheese? Time to take up our placards and petitions, folks.

  2. I’m afraid I’m going to have to side with the good folks of Ashe County on this one. If anything should be the North Carolina state cheese, it should be good old-fashioned hoop chese.

  3. A schism within the cheese community, however deep, shouldnt be a deal breaker. This is after all a state with an official Blue Berry and an official Red Berry. … One possibility: Pimiento Cheese Made with Ashe County Hoop Cheese….

  4. Lew, I nominate you for special envoy status to begin the next round of peace talks in the Middle East.

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