A Seemingly Insignificant Sentence…

A longtime NC Collection researcher recently pointed out the following sentence from Chancellor Bill Aycock’s report to the UNC System President for 1957/1958:

“Lieutenant Dean Smith, currently serving in the Air Force, has been employed to succeed Mr. James A. Freeman as Assistant Basketball Coach.”

And so it began…

One thought on “A Seemingly Insignificant Sentence…”

  1. Jason the Chancellor Aycock quote reminded me of another seemingly “insignificant” quote made by another famous Tar Heel.

    On the morning of February 14, 1946, UNC Head Football Coach Carl Snavely received a telephone call from the Director of Admissions Roy Armstrong.

    “Carl, I thought you’d like to know that a freshman named Charles Justice has just enrolled in the University.” Before the soft-spoken Snavely could react, Armstrong began extolling Justice’s football virtues – how he had been recruited by more than two hundred schools, as well as by George Halas of the Chicago Bears. . . how he had been an all-state performer at Asheville’s Lee Edwards High. . . and how he had been the star of the Bainbridge Naval Training Station team during the War.

    Finally, Snavely was able to get in a word. “Thank you very much, I hope Charles comes out for the team.”

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