Mystery NC location: Wedge Point?

I recently reprocessed the John Moran Frohock photo collection (P0042 in the North Carolina Collection Photo Archives). Contained therein are some images labeled “Fishing trip, Wedge Point, N.C., 2-7 September 1927; George’s Shad boat, N. B. Isaih” (I suspect that should be Isaiah). There are nice shots of people fishing on a boat seemingly captained by an African American man (presumably George), as well as some group/family portraits in a sort of fish camp which appears to be run by the Hopkins family.

When I went to the magical internet to track down a county for Wedge Point, I was not able to find such a location. I looked in the NC Gazetteer — no entry for Wedge Point. I got someone to check the Postal History Society’s volumes on NC post offices and postmasters — again, no luck. I poked around in the North Carolina Maps digital collection, which has a few great maps showing prime locations for shad fishing (such as this one) — lots of intriguingly named “Points,” but again, no Wedge Point.

(Incidentally, until stumbling upon this mystery, I had no idea the shad boat was North Carolina’s state boat).

Can anyone help point us towards Wedge Point?

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  1. A chapter in Charles Kuralt’s book, “North Carolina is My Home,” is titled “Backroads and Byways,” but doesn’t mention Wedge Point. I also checked Buck Paysour’s 1991 book “Tar Heel Angler,” but no joy there either.

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