No Tar Heel can escape Bill Friday’s dragnet

“Couple of times a year, Mother could be counted on to call me: ‘Frank, turn on the public TV! Bland’s on Bill Friday’s show!’

” ‘Mother,’ I said, ‘who isn’t on Bill Friday’s show? Before he quits, Bill Friday will have interviewed every single person in the state. That’s why they call it “North Carolina People.” He’s using the alphabet — when he gets to the Waynesville Qs, then it’s you and me, Mom.’ ”

— From Frank G. Queen’s introduction of Bland Simpson as recipient of the North Caroliniana Society Award for 2010

One thought on “No Tar Heel can escape Bill Friday’s dragnet”

  1. A longtime researcher recently sent me the following quote he found about Bill Friday:

    “I shall never forget the comment made by Governor Hodges, then also Chairman of the Board, when the committee to nominate a President for the Consolidated University, in 1956 presented the name of a 36-year old [William C. Friday]. Governor Hodges said: ‘He will age rapidly.'”

    (Trustee Mrs. Albert Lathrop, commenting on the selection of Otis Singletary, Trustee Minutes, 17 April 1961, pp. 456-58.)

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