Can Watson match Mary Eubanks’ championship?

The latest “Jeopardy!” contestant — debuting today — is a computer.

The first “Jeopardy!” contestant — on March 30, 1964 — was “Mrs. Mary Eubanks, a housewife from Candor, N.C.” To hear those very words out of the mouth of Don Pardo, click here and go to the second square under “This is Jeopardy!”

The Final Jeopardy! answer on that inaugural show, under the category Famous Quotes, was ” ‘Good night sweet prince’ was originally said to him.”

I haven’t been able to determine whether Mary Eubanks nailed down her victory with “Who was Hamlet?” but she did take home $345.

2 thoughts on “Can Watson match Mary Eubanks’ championship?”

  1. Yes, I answered correctly as the English teacher I was. I was winning the second show also until the final Jeopardy. By that time I was so cocky that I bet all on a question re a movie star from before my time and lost to an older NY cab driver.

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