NC’s cane product is flying off the shelves

That’s cane, as in sugar cane. But one purveyor of Cheerwine does liken the fizzy beverage to “adult crack.” Salisbury’s gift to the world has experienced a mysterious uptick in sales, so says Wednesday’s New York Times.

2 thoughts on “NC’s cane product is flying off the shelves”

  1. Not the first time Cheerwine has found itself at the center of a “mystery”:

    “Carolina Beverage Corp is attracting scrutiny from federal regulators and anti-alcohol activists… Critics contend Cheerwine improperly encourages teen-agers to drink alcohol; federal agency to investigate company’s choice of term wine if product is soda.”
    — Wall Street Journal (April 20, 1992)

    “The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms quickly pulled back… when it discovered Cheerwine has no alcohol in it, said a bureau spokesman. ‘Cheerwine is wine like root beer is beer. Cheerwine is none of our business’…”
    — Advertising Age (June 1, 1992)

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