Back of the end zone = back of the bus?

“The University of North Carolina’s first Negro students found that they were free to eat and study with whites, but not to cheer. At football games, they were barred from the cheering section, herded into special end-zone seats.”

— From Time magazine, Oct. 8, 1951

“The University of North Carolina, overwhelmed with protests, changed its mind….  Last week the Negroes got regular student passes.”

–From Time magazine, Oct. 22, 1951

One thought on “Back of the end zone = back of the bus?”

  1. Interesting Lew. I assume the thinking in 1951 was the end zone seats were less desirable.

    Sixty years later there are end zone seats in Carolina’s shiny new “Blue Zone” for the highest of rollers and as advertised “will bring fans closer than ever to the action on the field.”

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