We’ve got a new look

You may have noticed that North Carolina Miscellany took on a new look this morning. If not, then look up and to the side. You’ll see that the typography and images across the top of the page are a little different. And, we’ve got some new offerings down the right side of the page.

As best I can tell, we haven’t changed the look of North Carolina Miscellany in more than five years. That’s an eon in high-tech terms. We needed to update a few bits and pieces with the blog software we’re using, so we figured that we’d change our appearance a little bit, too. Mind you, we hope you won’t see the changes as akin to going from mullet to a mohawk (or, for you ladies, going from a ponytail to a bob). This should be more like keeping the same hairstyle, but just taking off an inch or two.

Most of the features are the same. We’re still archiving old posts. But we hope that the addition of a calendar and a pulldown menu listing the months will make it a little easier for you to find them. We’re also still assigning categories to our posts. But, now, the list of categories is available via a pulldown menu. And, yes, we are still highlighting the most recent comments on the right side of the page and offering you links to library websites and blogs.

I’d hazard a guess that the most striking difference you’ll find is our use of the color green – for the background and for our links. Just consider the selection of green as our attempt to get on the bandwagon and go green.

You also may notice a few new images in our header section, the space with the North Carolina Miscellany title and the tabs to important pages on the blog. In the coming days, we’ll be updating the Our Headers page to tell you a little about those images.

For now, though, we hope you’ll admire our new look. And, please, let us know if we need to make some adjustments. Do we need to use a little less hair gel?

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