Let’s all go to the lobby… to take ourselves a quiz

1. True or false: The 1962 movie “Cape Fear” (remade in 1991) was modeled on a true N.C. story.

2. In 1940 only two U.S. cities with populations over 100,000 prohibited Sunday movies. One was Knoxville, Tenn. What was the other?

3. The movie “Cold Mountain,” set in the N.C. mountains, was filmed mostly in what country?

4. Although best known as a Pulitzer-winning playwright and creator of the outdoor drama “The Lost Colony,” Paul Green also worked as a Hollywood screenwriter. A line he adapted for Bette Davis in “The Cabin in the Cotton” (1932) she called her favorite. What was it?

5. True or false: Actor Robert De Niro once appeared as a beauty pageant emcee in a Duke Power commercial.

6. Both shot and set in North Carolina, it was chosen in 2003 by Sports Illustrated as “Greatest Sports Movie” of all time – what was it?

7. True or false: Until “Birth of a Nation” — the movie version of Thomas Dixon’s “The Clansman” — it never occurred to the Ku Klux Klan to burn crosses.
Check back tomorrow for answers…. And here they are!

1. False. It was based on novelist John D. MacDonald’s “The Executioners,” set in a lakeside town in upstate New York. Gregory Peck, who owned rights to the book and would star in the movie, chose the name off a map of the Eastern seaboard because he liked the sound of it. (Location shooting was done in Georgia, not North Carolina.)

2. Charlotte

3. Romania

4. “I’d like to kiss you, but I just washed my hair.” Green picked up the line from the novel of the same name by Harry Harrison Kroll.

5. True. De Niro was discovered for the role while performing at the Matthews Dinner Theater in 1967. His big break in movies didn’t come until six years later in “Bang the Drum Slowly.”

6. “Bull Durham.”

7. True


3 thoughts on “Let’s all go to the lobby… to take ourselves a quiz”

  1. the only answer I know right off the top is the Bette Davis line: “I’d like to kiss you, but I just washed my hair.” Ooh!

  2. Oooh! It doesn’t have anything to do with the quiz, but that’s my favorite Bette Davis quote. Didn’t think anybody liked it but me.

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